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Farmaceutisch Analytisch Laboratorium Duiven B.V. (FAL Duiven) was founded in 1984, as a privately owned company and moved to the present purpose built premises in 1997.

In May 2001 the company was acquired in its entirety by Medochemie Ltd., a well established pharmaceutical manufacturer located in Limassol, Republic of Cyprus (Dutch Chamber of Commerce: KVK 09128717). As a result, FAL Duiven B.V.(Dutch Chamber of Commerce: KVK 09055129), became a wholly owned subsidiary of Medochemie, operating independently with the existing Dutch management team and international management input.

The Dutch Marketing authorizations of FAL Duiven are held by GenRx B.V., or by ICC B.V., both of which are also wholly owned subsidiaries of Medochemie, acquired at the same time as FAL Duiven.

The principal business of FAL Duiven is the development of oral solid dosage forms for human use, registration of the various products on the Dutch market and other E.U. territories, using the most appropriate authorization route (national, MRP or DCP), followed by licensing of the dossiers to third parties for Registration in E.U. and non-E.U. territories, and subsequently the manufacture and supply of the products to its partners.